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We offer services for aspiring artists in music. Send us your demo and we will help you secure a contract and provide constructive feedback. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and will guide you in reaching your goals. Don’t wait, send us your demo today.

who is syfer records?

Avwell, HooDey, and Seven Sharp are three EDM producers, who have faced many challenges in the industry. But now that we’re successful, our goal is to help others by providing a platform for new and unknown talents. We believe in collaboration and support and want to empower others to pursue their dreams. With our guidance, you can achieve your goals and share your talent with the world.

We partner with good labels in the industry to help you get your music heard by more people. Our network of music influencers shares your tracks across multiple playlists, ensuring high-quality streams and boosting your career. With years of experience, we guarantee that your music will thrive. Trust us to help you ignite your fire and achieve your aspirations with our secure and efficient promotion services.

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